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2019 FACCM Legislative Agenda

FACCM's Legislative Priorities

Dear Members,

First, we wish to thank you for your membership and ongoing support for the Florida Association for Child Care Management (FACCM).

FACCM is pleased to share with you our 2019 Legislative Agenda.  There are seven key agenda items listed. Please keep in mind, these are not the only areas FACCM is addressing on behalf of our members. 

2019 FACCM Legislative Agenda

FACCM’s number one role is to be your voice for the early learning business in the state of Florida.  As you are aware, our industry has been under great pressure lately from a variety of factors.  Left unchecked and unchallenged, these factors will have serious consequences for the business of early learning in Florida.  FACCM is your champion for the early learning business in Florida.

Our influence and strength come from you, our members.  Without your ongoing support, the business of early learning in Florida would go under represented.   There is great strength in numbers.  We encourage you to reach out to non FACCM members and ask them to join us. As our membership numbers increase, our voices are amplified.  

FACCM is greatly increasing our presence, our visibility, and our voice for the early learning business in Florida. Please stay tuned for more updates and information on how you can get involved.

Florida’s Voice for Early Learning.  Your business. Your priorities. Your voice. 


The FACCM Legislative Committee 

Lee Bell

FACCM Executive Director

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